About Phi Beta Kappa

Founded in 1776, Phi Beta Kappa is this nation’s oldest and best known society for recognition of academic excellence and scholarly achievement. Election to membership in Phi Beta Kappa is one of the highest honors that students can earn at NC State University.

The purpose of Phi Beta Kappa is to recognize and encourage scholarship, friendship, and cultural interests, and to support excellence and integrity in the pursuit of the liberal arts and sciences.


About the Zeta of North Carolina Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa at NC State

Zeta of North Carolina Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa was founded at North Carolina State University on April 17, 1995. Establishment of Zeta Chapter reflects national recognition of the outstanding quality of the students, programs, and resources for undergraduate education in the arts and sciences at NC State.  For more about our history, the founding member charter, visit our History page.

Election to Phi Beta Kappa recognizes intellectual capacities well employed, especially in acquiring an education in the liberal arts and sciences.

The objectives of humane learning encouraged by Phi Beta Kappa include the acquisition of knowledge and the cultivation of understanding, support for intellectual honesty and tolerance, and the development of breadth in the range of intellectual interests.

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For more information about the national Phi Beta Kappa Society, please visit the national Phi Beta Kappa web site at: www.pbk.org/. For other local Phi Beta Kappa activities visit the Facebook page of the Phi Beta Kappa Association of Wake County which has members from around the Triangle.

To learn more about Phi Beta Kappa at NC State University, contact Larry Blanton: